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Get smart manufacturing system, integrate Your machines, ERP system or e-commerce. Total automation.



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What optiMES helps You to automate and simplify:

Production Order Management: order execution, product design, product configuration, prepare for production
Warehouse management for purchase, sale and production
Material purchase, reservation and material handling(covering) for production processes. Service and cooperation purchase. 
Production schedulling, strategic planning, daily planning, production change handling 
Production control, material feed, production confirmation, task confirmation, MES features
Production monitoring: Overall Equipment efectiveness OEE/OOE/TEEP, Overall labour efectiveness OLE
Quality assurance: interoperational, material purchase, delivery, output measurements, reporting, Statistical process control SPC and process regulation
Production Workflow and attendance, reporting for wages evaluation
Packaging, shipment, delivery processes

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What problems optiMES fixes for You: 

  • Automation and automated decision making replaces periodic and annoying tasks, resulting significant time spare for Your workers.
  • Integration interconnects all Your control and reporting systems, collects data from machines, keeps Your production process in shape.
  • Process control stabilizes production. Proper workflow and material comsumption with planning.
  • Production cost evaluation and effectivity guaranties desired productivity and bottleneck handling. 
  • Mobility and accesibility for each user/worker, supports home-office and industrial mobility. 
  • Specific processes are implemented and customed according to Your requests. 
  • Finally simplified interface for workers/quality inspectors/managers. 
  • Deploy and implementation using cloud, no additional installation and implementation costs. 

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"Workers antipathy at startup is gone. Thanks to process vizualization, workers depends on OEE, and they like it. For me, as manager, there is no need to continuous production control."

(Vladimír Ogurčák, plant manager, PLASTCOM)


„We are experiencing optiMES more than 5 years. Result is, that is was right choice for us. System meets our requests for additional customization.

(Roman Šulek, CEO, KOOR)


"Mobile app helps us in warehouse to manage quality inspection at purchase and inretoperation tasks. Using this app, we spared more than 50% of time. Collected data are visible in ERP system."

(Peter Turlík, Manager for Quality, BONI FRUCTI)


„Huge ammount of meaningfull data from production, we base on next strategic investment decisions using it. System helps us plan and schedulle whole production.

(Ing. Peter Sklárš, Production manager, BELUŠA FOODS)

„Simplicity is the ultimate maturity.” 

Leonardo da Vinci