Standard features of optiMES production system

optiMES is agile and smart manufacturing system focused on process aion. optiMES is classified as MES (Manufacturing execution system), MRP (Material resource planning) and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management).

Standard features simplified following processes:

  • Production Order management, product design  
  • Production schedulling
  • MRP: Material purchase, purchase requisition, material feeding to production
  • MES: production control, regulation, aion
  • OEE: Production monitoring and overall equipment effectiveness 
  • QA: Quality assurance, mobile quality inspection
  • MOM: Dochádzka, riadenie, plánovanie a efektivita pracovníkov na pracovisku
  • Packaging, shipment, delivery

 + many features and modules covered by custom (case specific). 


Production order management

Customer orders or production orders are created manually or aic import from: ERP, e-shop, Microsoft Excel. Raw orders can be modified and calculated for Your production. System supports personalized products, customer customized products.

Finished order is reported to ERP or ecommerce platform. Additional notifications via E-mail, mobile pop-ups.



Production schedulling

Planning dashboard and other additional features:

  • Strategic(bussiness) planning
  • Operational schedulling(daily plan), planning for workers, workplaces, workcentres, change management
  • Capacity monitoring and notification
  • Production orders for combined products and semi-products 
  • Instrument and machine schedulling
  • Produt configurator, product completization.
  • Production documentation, product design management.
  • Dokument manažment systém DMS
  • Realtime production insight.


Production monitoring and Overall Equipent Effectiveness (OEE)

Manager defines basic master data: machines, workers, groups, shift calendar, downtime reasons, Not good product reason.

Worker uses mobile phone/tablet/barcode reader to authenticate him to workplace, he confirms OK products, selects reasons for Not Good Products. Finally selects downtime reason on machine or speed loss reason.

We integrate RUN/STOP signal directly from machine, so You have exact timeline for machine, downtimes, worker attendance.

Reporting for OEE is available. Evaluation and analyze of data from all possible angles, PDF reports for CEO, notifications via E-mail. 



Material resource planning 

Set of features, which helps You to plan, manage and monitor material comsumption in production. System monitors warehouse limits, generates material demand, generates purchase orders. According to delivery time reschedulles production. 

System supports external operations management (co-operations, subcontrations)

Electronic purchase requisition helps You to manage purchases.


Manufacturing execution and control

According to production schedulle exists TO DO tasklist/operation list for worker/workplace. Worker activates operation and registers all events.

  • Process aion
  • Integration of PLC, SCADA and other production systems
  • Process workflow handling
  • Material flow handling
  • Devices integration
Changes and Events are presented to Production Plan, indicates plan changes, collisions, instrument availability.

Packaging and shipment

According to selected packing definition and customer product specification is created suitable packaging for customer(palet, box, SSCC tag).

Using mobile app workers are able to fullfill shipment, print delivery documents.


Warehouse management

  • Stock/Inventory levels
  • Material reservation
  • Mobile material receipt and stock out, mateial transfer.
  • Inventory check
  • Lot and expiry dates on stock  


Quality assurance (QA)

Quality assurance manager gets reporting about incoming material, outcoming goods, quality inspections in production.  

Supported features in reporting:  

  • Production quality monitoring in realtime: production orders, customer orders, batches, lots, part numbers.
  • Mobile app for quality inspection. Includes support for fotodocumentation, barcode scanning.
  • Master data for product parameters, receipts
  • DMS system 
  • Activity monitoring: tasklists, checklists. + notification about task completion to email.
  • Metrology
  • Deviation handling
  • Checklists and protocols
  • Reclamation handling, rework.
  • Traceability: forward and backward
  • Quality Atests for customers