DobréJablká implemented the optiMES system as a critical tool for evaluating work and rewards in orchards and production lines

Last Updated: 02 February 2022
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Boni Fructi, Ltd. was founded in 1999 to offer domestic fruits and vegetables as well as goods imported from abroad on the Slovak market. More than 650 regular and seasonal workers from several EU countries and beyond use the optiMES system at dozens of different workplaces.

Thanks to its integration and variability capabilities, the optiMES production system made it possible to deploy a central solution for monitoring activities and performance, rewards and wages in a large and inhomogeneous environment.

Employee authentication is in the form of a rubber RFID watch and data collection is ensured by a series of terminals and mobile applications.

Each workplace has a specific process and a specific form of remuneration, the optiMES system can correctly evaluate and homogenize this data.

The system for data completeness is connected to other systems in the company: QI Information System, TopControl FruitManager, Human HOUR, Biometric and others.