PLASTCOM successfully uses SPC in quality management - Statistical Process Control

Last Updated: 02 February 2022
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The company Plastcom, spol. s r.o., was founded in 1991 with a focus on trade in chemical raw materials. Since 1996, he has been engaged in the production of construction plastics for injection molding based on thermoplastics.


Plastcom, spol. s r.o., deals with the development, production, recycling and application of construction plastics for injection molding, including technical support.


The SPC module covers the following areas:

  • Communication with the superior ERP system CONTROL DIALOG - production plan, technology cards, etc.
  • Connection to machine data collection
  • Management and document flow of technological cards and limits, parameters
  • Client for operator panel in production:
    • batch activation, release
    • creation of logs from machine data
    • process regulation
    • post-regulation controls
  • Management client: reporting and evaluation
    • Statistical evaluation
    • Stability
    • Certificates