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Last Updated: 02 February 2022
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The optiTECH solutions follow the optiMES MES system. The goal was, similarly to the optiMES system, to standardize the core of the solution so that the deployment of the aed process was fast, flexible and from the first moment of deployment the whole system was stable and delivered results without unnecessary worries and classic problems.

In connection with the optiMES system, aion takes on a new dimension. By combining the optiMES and optiTECH systems, you gain complete control over the processes. The interconnection enables immediate planning, immediate notifications, regulation and control of the flow of material and work, the necessary feedback and reporting. The possibility of connection to other MES and ERP systems is a matter of course, as optiTECH was designed as an open system.

optiTECH consists of several layers:

  • Connector - integrates connected layers: connector for SCADA systems, connector for scales, connector for machines of various manufacturers, connector for PLC and OPC, connector for MES system, connector for CLOUD services, API interface.
    • The connector has its own database, where it stores data history with Big Data support and performs initial processing, sorting, raw data filters for superior systems. Thus, only clean and conclusive data enter the integrated systems.
  • SCADA system: verified visualization for SCADA management and reporting
  • Pre-prepared PLC logic: stable control from the first moment with full diagnostics and connection to SCADA and MES.
  • Standardized switchboards:
    • LCC - Logic Control Cabinet: low-voltage switchboard equipped with Siemens PLC
    • DIOC - Distributed I/O Cabinet: ET200SP, or CPU ET1512 I / O located directly in the factory
    • MCC - Motor Control Cabinet: high current elements and frequency converters
    • FCC - Festo Control Cabinet: air distribution for aic valves / cylinders, etc.
  • Sensors - sada overených senzorov pre pripojenie do riadiacej PLC logiky
  • Motion - set of proven converters, electrical components with diagnostics

The main purposes of using optiTECH:

  • Data collection from machines: optiTECH also handles complicated infrastructure, older machines without Ethernet
  • Management of aed processes in the food industry, plastics industry, automotive.
  • Integration of robots into the MES and ERP system
  • Production line optimization: interconnection, harmonization and synchronization of isolated parts of the production line ensures efficient material flow and a significant increase in productivity.


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